Aluma-Tough Tag Manufacturing Process Creates Anodized Aluminum Tags that Last 20+ years

The Process of Manufacturing Aluma-Tough Tags

How our sealed, anodized aluminum ID tags are made is what makes them superior in every way!

The true value of Aluma-Tough tags and name plates begins with the manufacturing process.

This sophisticated method of printing and sealing images to high quality aluminum ensures clarity and durability for a wide range of applications.

Custom Metal ID Tag Design of MetalPhoto-AlumaTough Tags


Before an image can be sealed onto an anodized aluminum plate, it needs to be designed.

The design phase may look different for each and every Aluma-Tough tag, plate or sign, depending on its intended use, but it’s always the first step.

Whether it’s gathering images or photographs, writing copy, or organizing all of the technical specs to be included, it’s important to take the time to get your design in order before the rest of the process.

The graphic design team at Nap Tags can help! Contact us to learn more.

The Printing Process of Aluma-Tough Metal ID Tags makes them ultra-durable


Using a special film, the design is printed to a high contrast, silver-halide film negative that is specially formulated for exposure on anodized, photosensitive aluminum.

The image is then exposed onto a photosensitive aluminum plate using extreme UV light which results in a chemical transfer of the high-resolution, silver halide image into the pores of the anodic layer of the aluminum surface.

Once the image has been exposed onto the aluminum plate, a chemical process is used to permanently affix the image, bring out desired colors and details, and ensure the high resolution of the exposed image.

Sealed Aluma-Tough Metal ID Tags and Plates

Sealing & Fabrication

To finalize the template for fabrication, the exposed, developed, anodized plate is placed in a sealing tank. This step closes the remaining open pores in the anodic layer of the aluminum, creating a sapphire-hard surface that is resistant to chemical, weather, UV, and many other types of damage.

The special sealing solution is integral, effectively “sandwiching” the printed image between highly durable aluminum and a smooth, glass-clear layer that provides clarity and longevity.

Finally, the tag is cut and ready to ship! The process can be replicated as many times as necessary to fabricate exact duplicates, or create variations of numbering, text, barcodes and more.

Custom, Rectangle Aluma-Tough Tags

AlumaTough Custom Metal Tags for Trailers

Aluma-Tough Tags for Trailers

Metal ID Plates and Tags made with ultra-durable AlumaTough metal

Large, Metal ID Aluma-Tough Plates

Numbered Metal Tags with Holes, Ultra-Durable AlumaTough Metal is stronger than stainless steel

Round, Numbered Aluma-Tough Tags with Holes

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