Metalphoto Aluma-Tough Tags for Various Industries

Applications for Aluma-Tough Tags

Outdoor Signs | Device & Control Panel Labels | Diagrams & Schematics | Warning Signs | VIN Tags | Barcodes and QR Codes | Medical ID Tags | Custom Applications

Aluma-Tough tags, signs, and name plates have a vast range of applications across many industries.

These ultra-durable tags can be used to display essential instructions for operating heavy equipment, provide warnings for dangerous areas, offer beautifully displayed details about architecture, artworks, and other public displays, label vehicles with critical information, identify medical equipment and so much more.

These customizable tags, signs, and name plates have standard uses in many industries, but that’s just the beginning! For any situation where information needs to be displayed legibly, and withstand potentially harsh conditions, Aluma-Tough is up to the task.

Aluma-Tough Outdoor Metal Signage Lasts for 20+ Years

Outdoor Metal Signage

Perfect for architectural information, warning signs, display plaques, blueprint reproductions, and beyond!

Aluma-Tough metal signs are resistant to extreme temperatures, damage from ultraviolet rays, abrasions, paint and other fluids, oxidation, and all types of wear from the elements, for 20+ years!

From massive wayfinding signage to small plaques acknowledging donors, signs can be customized in size and shape, with essentially unlimited options for font styles, logos, even photographs printed on ultra-resilient, sealed aluminum.

Device & Control Panels

Aluma-Tough tags and plates provide legible, durable labeling for devices of all kinds!

Whether it’s the settings of a medical device or the control panels in an Abrams tank, easily readable labels are necessary for proper operation. From modular synthesizers to helicopters, marine consoles to construction cranes, Aluma-Tough has your control panels covered, for 20+ years!

Photosensitive printing ensures that each control is clearly labeled, and the protective anodizing process means the panels remain in excellent condition despite scratches, spills, exposure to chemicals and weather, saltwater, and so on. Aluma-Tough control panel and device tags meet a wide array of commercial, government, and military specifications, making them an ideal fit for nearly any application in any harsh environment.

Read about the Aluma-Tough durability test.

Metal Control Panel Tags Made with Ultra-Durable AlumaTough Metalphoto Processing
Aluma-Tough Metal Schematic Signs

Diagrams and Schematics

Aluma-Tough metal tags ensure that important diagrams and schematics stay legible for 20+ years!

In many instances, having prominently-displayed, highly-detailed diagrams are integral for successful maintenance and repairs. Using Aluma-Tough plates for wiring schematics, diagrams for manufacturing equipment, or posted specifications within the energy sector (among many other uses) means that potentially life saving information remains legible and undamaged.

Because such schematic displays are fully customizable and capable of extreme detail, everything from small diagrams to be fixed inside devices to large placards displaying every component of a complex piece of machinery can be printed using Aluma-Tough tags and signs. See how it stacks up against stainless steel.

Warning Signs

Aluma-Tough metal signs ensure that vital warning signs are readable for decades!

Informing people of dangerous areas is a serious safety concern. Highly visible, damage-resistant signs warning of high voltage, hazardous chemicals, and other risks serve to reduce accidents.

Rules for visitors, denoting facility areas, posting rules and regulations, and even small, equipment-specific warning labels all increase the safety and operational excellence of any potentially dangerous work environment.

Aluma-Tough Metal Warning Signs Last 20+ Years
Metal ID Tags for Trailers Made with Ultra-Durable AlumaTough Metal

Vehicle & Trailer Identification

Choose Aluma-Tough metal ID tags for VINs, Trailer ID tags and more, and rest assured they will last!

One of the most common uses of Aluma-Tough plates, durable aluminum plates are a cross-industry standard for VIN information, truck specifications, trailer serial numbers, marine vessels, air and spacecraft, and military vehicles, including those requiring IUID and UID compliance.

Anodized aluminum tags are built to withstand road salt, water, dents and scratching from debris, chemicals, and all of the other damage a vehicle can sustain in transit.

See how Aluma-Tough tags are an asset to the transportation industry.

Barcodes and QR Codes

Long-lasting barcode, QR code and technology tags ensure proper identification and scanning for 20+ years!

Photosensitive Aluma-Tough tags and plates can be printed with any high resolution image, including scannable bar and QR codes, allowing clearly displayed labels to interact with other technology.

On devices themselves, aluminum tags are often used for information that needs to withstand damage, even catastrophic equipment failure, such as processor specs, voltage, and serial numbers.

AlumaTough Metal Barcode Tags for Equipment and OEM
Medical Equipment ID Tags can be Sterilized

Medical Devices and Equipment

To identify assets and processes, track inventory, communicate procedures and manage recalls, the medical industry uses labels that often need to undergo sterilization or other cleaning procedures.

The sterilization process can quickly degrade plastic tags or printed labels, rendering them illegible and leading to lost inventory or even medical errors.

Aluma-Tough photosensitive anodized aluminum – long known to be one of the most durable materials for military data plates and industrial labels, is proven to withstand multiple sterilization cycles and will not harbor bacteria as per AAMI ST79 steam sterilization and sterility assurance standards.

Aluma-Tough medical ID tags use technology that embeds an inorganic, silver-halide photographic image inside of anodized aluminum. They are resistant to temperatures up to 500°F, abrasion and chemical exposure. They will not fade, corrode or harbor bacteria after repeated sterilization cycles.

Because the image is photographic, it allows the detail and contrast required for all barcode symbologies, including those required of UDI, at any size specified.

See how Aluma-Tough stands up to repeated sterilization.

Custom Applications

Rely on Aluma-Tough metal tags, signs and name plates for any application that needs to withstand any harsh environment!

The technology that exposes and seals images and type to porous aluminum plates allows for the transfer of nearly image.

This means that memorial plaques, eye exam charts, custom labels, process instructions, and just about anything else can be applied to Aluma-Tough tags, name plates, and signs. Custom sizes and shapes make such applications even more versatile.

For outdoor use, or anywhere that is likely to see weathering and damage, the sapphire-hard finishing process means that whatever you need on an Aluma-Tough product will stand the test of time.

Custom, Outdoor Metal Plaques made with Ultra-durable AlumaTough

Custom, Rectangle Aluma-Tough Tags

AlumaTough Custom Metal Tags for Trailers

Aluma-Tough Tags for Trailers

Metal ID Plates and Tags made with ultra-durable AlumaTough metal

Large, Metal ID Aluma-Tough Plates

Numbered Metal Tags with Holes, Ultra-Durable AlumaTough Metal is stronger than stainless steel

Round, Numbered Aluma-Tough Tags with Holes

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